Back-end process outsourcing

Back-end process outsourcing consists in partial or complete transfer of technical support, maintenance and infrastructure renewal under control of BPM Cloud digital agency. Back-end process outsourcing service is provided both at level of entire infrastructure or at level of individual parts, for example, hosting or information security. Comprehensive back-end process outsourcing by BPM Cloud includes following:

  • Full monitoring of infrastructure and its components around the clock and seven days a week.
  • Installing, configuring and updating software.
  • Back up necessary and important data.
  • Comprehensive information security.
  • Training of employees and specialists at your company.

Decision to switch to back-end process outsourcing

To understand that a business site needs back-end process outsourcing, ask yourself a few questions recommended by BPM Cloud back-end process outsourcing experts:

  • IT is too expensive for company and it’s necessary to find a way to reduce costs and not at expense of quality.
  • Site that provides sales is crashing and slowing down.
  • Customers bombard support team with technical complaints.
  • Constantly or periodically something doesn’t work, and full-time administrator only promises, but problems are not solved.
  • Want to safely fire your system administrator without losing control over site and infrastructure.
  • You’re considering how to hire an IT employee, but you can’t formulate requirements for his skills and abilities and can’t test his real knowledge.

Reasons to switch to back-end process outsourcing

Number of signs indicates your company urgently needs to delegate authority to manage the information structure. Back-end process outsourcing saves money, because in BPM Cloud a number of actions are performed once and for a long period:

  • Diagnostics and detection of infrastructure problems.
  • Collecting and recording business requirements for level of service and IT.
  • Layout of a new infrastructure concept.
  • Supply of equipment and software.
  • Integration of all solutions.
  • Performance check, elimination of errors and malfunctions in hardware and software.
  • Development of instructions and documentation for IT infrastructure operation.

Narrow IT specialists

Request of company leaders for their readiness to solve non-standard tasks leads both versatile specialists, and narrows work profile of some, because they perform specific tasks only. As a result, it’s unprofitable to maintain entire staff with a set of narrow specialists for each IT function. Needless to say, what happens when one of them is sick or quits? Back-end process outsourcing provides for maintenance of infrastructure by interchangeable BPM Cloud specialists.

No glitch guarantees

Back-end process outsourcing provides for a contract, and BPM Cloud takes care of server around the clock. Server that crashed at two in the morning won’t be left without urgent response measures until the morning. Back-end process outsourcing works for the future, because today your company optimizes everything related to infrastructure of enterprise, and very soon you will come to significant savings.

Advantages of back end process outsourcing

  • Employees of company are engaged in strategically important tasks only.
  • Easily budget for hardware or software purchases.
  • BPM Cloud experts always recommend where to invest more and what not to spend at all.

Building back-end process outsourcing service at BPM Cloud

Confidentiality is secured by non-disclosure agreement even before the discussion of tasks start. This agreement forms an integral contract part. Each server, service and network node is connected to our monitoring system, and BPM Cloud specialists continuously check availability of all servers and services. Accounting allows us to count and measure required parameters. Tiered backups after years of BPM Cloud experience as the only surefire way to store your backups. Safety and security of our clients’ projects comes first. Huge experience and our own developments, streamlined management and control processes of BPM Cloud make it possible to clearly fulfill all deadlines and based on conditions of back-end process outsourcing service. We actively use experience and practices of ITSM and ITIL, and automation of administrative tasks allows us to reduce the cost of back-end process outsourcing services.


Monitoring and data processing

BPM Cloud experts collect and analyze all parameters of nodes and processes, from number of I / O operations to temperature in the server room. Resulting data is automatically analyzed using classic set of tools.


Critical prerequisite for fast disaster recovery is multilevel backups of documents, databases, configurations, and other data. When working with backups, we often use a certain principle:

  • Creation of one main and two reserve data backups.
  • Storing copies on at least two different media.
  • Storing one of copies outside the network perimeter.

Why do customers choose back-end process outsourcing at BPM Cloud?

  • Cost-effective, because outsourcing cuts partners’ costs for IT infrastructure at times.
  • Back-end process outsourcing is performed around the clock and seven days a week.
  • Large coverage of service territory in Belarus and immediate specialists’ visits in Minsk and within the region.
  • BPM Cloud is financially responsible for each clause of contract.
  • Online monitoring allows for proactive troubleshooting.
  • BPM Cloud for period of repair or purchase of new equipment can provide replacement equipment for your company.
  • Long-term experience in solving all possible technical problems.
  • A base of back-end process outsourcing clients devoted to cooperation with us.
  • Only experienced, certified, and ongoing system administrators.
  • Stable operation of BMP Cloud servers.
  • 24/7 support service.
  • Carrying out IT audit, financial costs optimization for IT.
  • Stable and guaranteed IT infrastructure for business purposes.

Let’s start cooperation on back-end process outsourcing

Let’s discuss all tasks and goals by conducting technical audit, and you will get a complete picture of all IT processes and IT infrastructure, risk analysis, as well as expert assessment of information security. Analysis of current situation will show how the current system corresponds to goals and objectives. List of measures to achieve goals will increase efficiency of back-end process outsourcing. BPM Cloud takes full responsibility for back-end process outsourcing, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.