Development on Angular



Angular, as a Google framework, helps «BPM Cloud» Angular development team quickly build clear and complex web applications. Don’t confuse it with AngularJS, which was released a lot earlier and has been significantly improved. It’s needed to develop web applications, and on it, you can create, for example, delivery services or applications with tracking the status in loyalty program. On this framework, services of giants are created, such as separate apps of YouTube and Telegram. «BPM Cloud» Angular development specialists create applications very quickly, and this is a great option when deadlines are tight.


New Angular template in use


Newly refreshed Angular template gives comfortable starting point for ASP.NET Core apps with help Angular and the Angular CLI. That helps to create great side of client user interface. Angular in fact duplicates to creating an ASP.NET Core project serving as server API and Angular CLI for user’s interface. It conveniently accommodates two draft sorts in separate application project. This allows «BPM Cloud» Angular development programmers to create and run fulfilled application project in use.

Template at creates ASP.NET Core and Angular app. These functions are built for goals to access data, authorization or any side of server several problematic issues. Angular application at ClientApp subdirectory can be used for complex of UI requirements.


Angular and other frontend frameworks differences


Angular has component architecture, so it can be plugged into any application. Angular has goal to extend browser applications based on the MVC pattern, making testing and development easier. Distinctive feature of Angular is the two-way data binding of field values ​​in HTML page and component controllers. Modular architecture allows for efficient reuse of application code, saving development time.


Angular apps run in a browser, rendering pages to the DOM in response to user commands. «BPM Cloud» can customize and generate static app pages loaded on the client side. This allows applications to render faster and users can view the page before it becomes fully interactive. This SSR approach helps to simplify SEO optimization, because search robots get the right page during indexing. Angular consist of a large community and has abundance of ready-made solutions that can be used for business.


When should you think about Angular development?


Angular has consistently led the way in modern technology. This framework is used in building single page web applications and sites. Angular development is irreplaceable when developing large web apps and complex user interfaces. It allows you to quickly and efficiently create convenient and intuitive interface that solves problems of both the users and your business. The ode written for web application can also be partially used when creating mobile applications. When developing on iOS or Android, Ionic can be used, which saves «BPM Cloud» client’ budget.


Advantages of Angular development


  • Angular is a super popular and progressive framework in which «BPM Cloud» Angular development specialists can create new directives, increasing the HTML vocabulary. This option creates an easy-to-use custom UI using HTML-based DSL language.
  • Updating in automatic mode removes massive task of rebuilding basic options and rendering components of current interface.
  • Variety of standard templates can be freely used without restrictions on the JS code.
  • Angular development quickly implements complex technical tasks for routing, data binding, and animation implementation with understandable tools.
  • Extensive and developed community of programmers.
  • Ease of testing projects.
  • Modular structure.
  • Variety of templates for ready-made solutions.
  • Application of directives.


Development based on Angular


«BPM Cloud» has extensive experience in developing websites and mobile apps based on Angular, including as follows:


  • Development of hybrid and SPA applications.
  • Migration of AngularJS to Angular 2+.
  • Integration of AngularJS into current website.
  • Development of a variety of custom web apps.
  • Cross-platform application development.
  • Finalization and support of application.
  • Angular development on Windows.
  • Angular development on Chromebook.
  • Angular development on Ipad.
  • Angular development on Linux.
  • Angular development on Docker.
  • Angular development on Smartphones.
  • Angular development on Android.
  • Angular development on Mac.


Elements of web development on Angular:


  • Module is container, and inside it are elements for solving one or several applied tasks within the project.
  • Service stores the program code and highlights general architecture, logic of interaction between rests of program, including caching, file storage, and so on.
  • Directive is program code for exchanging data with the client-side browser DOM tree and its styles.
  • Controller contains the logic for correct operation of separate pages.


Web development on mobile Angular


Web development on mobile Angular or developing an Angular app to run on Google Cloud or elsewhere at «BPM Cloud» provides the following guarantees:


  • Tracking availability by the system.
  • Maintain availability of up-to-date copies.
  • Recovery of failures and work of site in the shortest possible time.
  • Direct solution of issues without side forwarding.
  • Fast acceptance into work of any urgent tasks.


Angular development at «BPM Cloud» eliminates the need to search for developers with sufficient experience because our Angular development specialists are constantly engaged in relevant tasks.


Angular development steps


  • Request to «BPM Cloud» Angular development team.
  • Estimation of terms, cost and agreement with customer.
  • Creation of a test version, git-repository and work on Angular development.
  • Finished project delivery.
  • Elimination of defects, if detected, is revealed after the project is put into operation.


«BPM Cloud» clients can monitor in real time what tasks are performed by Angular development.


What do Angular development clients get?


  • Warranty for all work from «BPM Cloud» Angular development specialists.
  • High quality and fast service.
  • Daily and round-the-clock monitoring of the client’s website.
  • Support for any CMS.
  • Transparent cost of work on Angular development.
  • Individual manager in constant contact with the client.


Web development on mobile Angular or other Angular development services with the best results, warranty and post-production service are available at «BPM Cloud» in a short timeframe and on highly personalized terms. See for yourself!