Development on Gatsby.

Gatsby web development uses quick, static website generator with ReactJS fundament. SSG can be called a compromise solution between full blown CMS and hardcoded HTML of static websites. SSG is recommended to create HTML pages for special content websites like blogs. All this requires content filling on pages. «BPM Cloud» Gatsby template web development company experts and developers recommend this generator for many reasons.


What is Gatsby?


  • Gatsby is a React framework that allows you to build static and serverless applications. Gatsby sites differ from traditional sites in that they are usually deployed on CDN. Advantages of CDN are lower latency, so websites are served by client faster.
  • Gatsby web development gives users ability of getting data from various sources like WordPress, CSV file, as well as from various external APIs, as Gatsby web development is independent of databases. It differs from traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal, where data usually comes from a single source. When Gatsby-powered apps are built at «BPM Cloud» Gatsby template web development company, customers don’t need to worry about maintaining databases.
  • Serverless sites are also called JAMStack. JAMStack uses a server, we don’t need to maintain it. Sometimes we choose to work in a serverless environment because it focuses on business logic of apps. JAMStack helps the «BPM Cloud» Gatsby template web development company team quickly develop secure and performant websites and are cheaper to deploy.


How does this «BPM Cloud» work?


To simplify creation of static sites, «BPM Cloud» Gatsby template web development company uses many open source tools, including Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo, and others. Preparation of site content is carried out by editing files with markup, or through API for content management. When data is ready for publication, generator takes data, injects data into templates, and generates many HTML files ready to publish.


Who is Gatsby recommended for?


  • Development Gatsby brings incredibly fast framework for developing sites on React. This makes possible to make custom websites at «BPM Cloud» Gatsby template web development company very quickly.
  • Development Gatsby remains suitable to all levels’ projects from blogs to corporate sites.


Gatsby-based sites’ pages and React-based sites don’t reload when interacting with users, which makes projects very fast. Gatsby supports a huge plugins’ set, and allows leveraging data of sources’ variety and CMS. Gatsby Data Center consists of node interface used to model data flowing into Gatsby web development. This technology is already used by thousands of companies in the world.


Strapi for Gatsby.


Strapi is a Node.js content management framework. We can quickly develop APIs for working with data and is intermediate between framework for Node.js and CMS without user interface. Strapi can develop APIs very quickly. Strapi contains an extensible plugin system, with a solid set of built-in features, including an admin panel, an authentication and permissions management system, content management tools, an API generator, and more. Strapi, as an open source project, sets it apart from other CMS. Companies that chose Strapi deploy the CMS on their own servers, and data remains under full control. Strapi is also customizable and extensible through plugin system.


Gatsby for static websites.


  • Web projects generated on Gatsby basis at «BPM Cloud» Gatsby template web development company can be published using services for hosting static sites.
  • Strapi API is based on Node.js and can be deployed on Heroku or using any Linux VM with Node.js installed.


The undeniable merit of Gatsby.


Problems with launching a React application on net, maintaining it and updating content? Gatsby solves most of the issues that affect website performance out of the box, and you can get 100% scores on all items in Lighthouse, which can significantly influence the site top ranking in search engines, and above all in Google.


Gatsby.JS features for websites.


Gatsby.JS is an SSG generator that can be used to build websites with high page loading speed at «BPM Cloud» Gatsby template web development company from scratch or rebuild it to pwa standards in a short time. On such resources, transition speed between pages is measured in milliseconds.


Gatsby web development for blogs, portals, news sites.


  • Improving site parameters from a SEO position.
  • Reduced failure rate.
  • Stable site work with heavy loads.


Develop Gatsby to improve the user experience of online shopping.


  • Accelerated movement between individual pages.
  • Fast transition to the order form even with low connection speed.


Gatsby develop with docker container shows the key factors for increasing lead conversions in ecommerce.


Advantages of Gatsby web development by «BPM Cloud».


  • Space performance. Gatsby web development automates processes of splitting program code, optimizing graphic elements, introducing critical styles, background loading or prefetching resources. Get your fully optimized site right away, and it doesn’t need manual tuning.
  • Easy scaling tools. Web resource to scale doesn’t require expensive hosting or complex technological operations. They can be scaled as needed.
  • Safety immediately. Static HTML is generated during the build process, thanks to Gatsby’s rendering without servers. Without a server and databases, DDOS attacks and unauthorized access attempts are excluded. There is no room for attackers to attack in Gatsby.
  • Progressive solutions available to every business. Gatsby has been recognized by WebAIM as the most accessible framework in the world.
  • Set of additional options of Gatsby web development isn’t only a static web resource generator. Arsenal of functions includes an extensive set of plugins for easy integration of various services, themes for quickly changing websites’ design and ready-made solutions to transfer most of creating sites’ works from scratch to automatic mode.


Gatsby web development at «BPM Cloud».


Only professional Gatsby web developers with wealth of experience in creating web projects based on React technology can take full advantage of all advantages of the Gatsby framework either in applications or on websites. «BPM Cloud» programmers cope with this task easily and very quickly, because we use Gatsby web development maximum potential to create softwares product which effectively solves objectives of our clients’ business. Make sure of speed, quality of work and amaze yourself with functionality of Gatsby by contacting «BPM Cloud» Gatsby template web development company.