Development on Node.JS

V8 engine based Node.JS platform, converts JavaScript to language of general purpose. Node.JS development involves using asynchronous or event-driven programming. Web development with Node.JS significantly expands the JS using possibilities, so were able to develop web servers and desktop applications on platform’s basis. Node.JS built-in npm package manager makes everything incredibly uncomplicated to deal with packages and dependencies in any form of JS development. BPM Cloud Node.JS development company widely takes Node.JS development capabilities for back-end web application development, desktop application development, as well as to simplify front-end work.


Why Node.JS?


Node.JS framework is open source cross-platform to develop server or network apps. Apps are to be written in JavaScript. They run in Node.JS runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows or Linux. Node.JS has event-driven, non-blocking I / O model in use, that makes it simple and efficient, ideal for real-time data-intensive apps which run on distributed devices.


General description of Node.JS


Node.JS can’t contain server functions, so it doesn’t contain any configuration files. JavaScript runtime – another way to run it on your computer. If and when Node.JS is required in becoming an HTTP server, we write it ourselves at BPM Cloud Node.JS development company. Node.JS JavaScript apps run with runtime on OS X, Windows, and Linux. Node.JS works great for scalable high-load projects, too. Node.JS development gives us to create synchronous cross-platform solutions. For example, when users send messages from their phones, they are displayed both on app web version, so on desktop. Node.JS website development for building web servers remains in use widely, too.


What can web development with Node.JS give?


Node.JS in full-stack development allows us to front-end / back-end writing, while the same JavaScript language in use. Perfect opportunity when tying applications’ parts together. It brings convenience for BPM Cloud Node.JS development company front end developers implementing back-end development.


JavaScript programming language


Programming language of JavaScript is most widely used in browsers as scripting language which gives interactivity to web pages. JS is there at BPM Cloud Node.JS development company to back-end development also, to Node.JS mobile app development, Node.JS website development and other tasks.


Main architectural features:


  • Weak dynamic typing.
  • Automatic memory management.
  • Prototype programming.
  • First class objects’ functions.


JS lacks an internal library, web servers’ interfaces, databases, and no built-in package system of management. But this can be easily solved by connecting third-party libraries and using additional software. BPM Cloud Node.JS development company takes JS to develop interactive interfaces using React or MobX; when Node.JS mobile app development with React Native is necessary.


NPM manager


Node Package Manager is included into Node.JS. Its infrastructure consists of a console client and an accessible online database of public and private packages. Client allows us to download and install packages from registry. Json file is used to store project packages list.


Yarn client


Yarn, as an alternative npm client to act as a JavaScript package manager, makes building packages faster and safer. Yarn supports parallel installation, which is several times quicker. Faster work cases to accurately capture versions of dependencies in yarn.lock file.


Benefits of Node.JS


Node.JS keeps server-side JavaScript runtime to build fast and scalable network apps for Node.JS development.


Meaningful goods of use:


  • Convenience to build quicker Node.JS application development, Node.JS website development; because Node.JS handles a huge simultaneous connections gathering of high bandwidth. Node.JS development attracts many BPM Cloud clients looking for sites with thousands of visitors.
  • Node.JS can execute all database queries at once, reducing response times for slow queries and maximizing efficiency.
  • Node.JS development JavaScript language allows splitting code between back end and browser.
  • V8 engine continuously pushes boundaries. It’s recognized one of the fastest dynamic languages interpreters ​​in the world. Input and output tools in Node.JS have lightweight, so Node.JS development brings it as close to total system potential as possible.


Node.JS valued features


Node.JS keep popular positions at BPM Cloud Node.JS development company among software developers.


  • Any APIs of Node.JS library remain asynchronous and don’t block loading. Based server on Node.JS doesn’t expect data to be returned from API. It moves on to next API after called once. Node.JS Events notification engine delivers previous call response to server.
  • Main attractive feature of Node.JS is speed. JS code in Node.JS shows twice as fast as code of compiled C and Java. Magnitude order is faster than interpreted languages ​​Python and Ruby. Exact results depend on benchmarks, but Node.JS demonstrates itself a very fast platform.
  • Node.JS uses single threaded and highly scalable event loop model. Mechanism of events cases the server to respond non-blockingly, so it provides high scalability. Node.JS contains single threaded program; it can serve significantly more requests in comparison with traditional servers.
  • Regarding libraries. Thanks to simplicity and convenience of working with Node.JS NPM pack manager, its ecosystem is in perfect condition. NPM registry contains over half a million open source packages that BPM Cloud Node.JS development company can freely use in any Node.JS development.
  • Applications based on Node.JS development don’t buffer data, but output them in parts.
  • Node.JS is licensed by MIT.
  • This platform is very easy to use in comparison with other server platforms.


Reasons to choose Node.JS development at BPM Cloud


Node.JS web development is handy for creation quicker applications because it handles a huge chain of concurrent connections with high bandwidth. This attracts a lot of calls to BPM Cloud Node.JS development company, as our clients want to create sites with support for streams of thousands visitors. Giant brands including Paypal, eBay, General Electric, Microsoft, Uber and others refer to Node.JS development to build their sites. Advantages of leading technology for Node.JS web development are proven, as web tools majority, server and client side, request and know it. It’s prestigious, modern, convenient and reliable, that BPM Cloud guarantees.