Development outsourcing.

Development outsourcing is very popular in all areas of business, and this is production and accounting, recruiting and information technology, distribution and wholesale. More than half of the programming and IT are in outsourced development services, and this is understandable if you figure out why.

Services outsourced to our company.

  • Development outsourcing for web applications.
  • Development outsourcing for mobile applications.
  • Development or management of databases.
  • Support and service for applications.
  • DevOps.
  • QA and testing.

Several reasons to use outsourced development services.

Most businesses are outsourcing projects, so they develop web applications because of following:

  • Own resources are not enough.
  • Short term deployment.
  • Reduced financial costs.
  • Valued total cost for ownership.
  • Attracting and increasing attention to the company.

Current situation and reasons for outsource web development.

Now business in Belarus and around the world are very aware of other benefits that outsourcing brings. Our partners outsource web development because they do not have sufficient knowledge or abilities to properly implement ideas and goals. Our outsourcing company has the latest technologies with modern knowledge, and our partners are freed from headache of wasting everything on hiring or training full time employees. Some face issues to finding or hiring web designers and developers with needful knowledge level, that’s why many of our partners turn to us to develop outsourcing, because we provide them sufficient number of necessary technical specialists. Some clients face issues when they have enough in-house web developers, but graphic designers are missing at all. Thus, our partners outsource web design tasks for BPM Cloud team.

Outsourcing startups.

Startups outsource development ideas to BPM Cloud to quickly bring their applications to relevant market. Hiring your own staff eats out almost everything. Having outsourced development services, our partners focus on finances, current business processes and promo actions.

Huge monetary savings.

Important advantage of outsourcing development is very values financial savings. Prices of outsourced development services at BPM Cloud remain noticeably lower if you compare to local market. Any partner company will save more than half on outsourcing in cooperation with our specialists.

Concentrate on your main job.

Web development outsourcing in BPM Cloud allows the in-house teams of our partner companies to focus on important business tasks and issues, for example, financial planning, control of marketing, and whatever else.

Rapid deployment.

Outsourced development with BPM Cloud will allow you to release projects as fast as possible for our team. Partner companies can release a number of projects at the same time, bringing together a full-time team and specialists of our outsourcing agency.

Excellent quality.

Outsourcing development services by BPM Cloud include high quality assurance team that validates code accuracy to deliver free from errors software for customers. These experts run a variety of tests for usability of products, performance of apps, their security, and so on. All this makes clients apps invulnerable, giving out high performance during peak loads.

What’s more with BPM Cloud?

BPM Cloud offers services of software development in related technologies, including XHTML, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS. PHP code will allow your website to become multifunctional. Required job of BPM Cloud programmers includes minimizing page load times and increasing SEO.

Web design outsourcing.

Web development outsourcing by BPM Cloud based on your requirements includes such offers as:

  • Web design.
  • Layout.
  • Programming in PHP.
  • Installation and tuning of functioning of CMS 1C-Bitrix.

Outsourced development services at BPM Cloud.

  • Reduced time wasted on unnecessary or unimportant tasks from client’s end.
  • BPM Cloud offers a long-term partnership with customized payment system, providing a better working environment.
  • Professional outsourcing development team and market leaders at your disposal. Excellent experience in solving problems related to outsourcing web development at any category of complexity.

Reduced transaction costs.

Website allows your client to choose and use products or services, place an order, specify delivery method and pay without your assistance.

Consulting service.

Such help will become automatic using chatbot or FAQ list. Automation of consulting speeds up work, develops your business without increasing staff and salary fund.

Advantage over competitors.

Outsourcing development interaction is especially important in business with offline sales and personal contact with each client. Buyers prefer to buy quickly, delivered to their homes, with minimum of efforts. This is especially important for city dwellers who buy on websites.

Optimization of advertising and promotion.

Web development outsourcing makes it possible to post information about new products and promotions, connect loyalty programs. Integration with CRM allows you to send e-mail to customers directly from the system. Advertising for clients in this way works as efficiently as possible. Social media advertising will drive targeted traffic that will return in form of new customers.

Outsourcing software development services.

BPM Cloud web studio offers outsourcing software development services and the creation of business projects with customers for long time. If website is targeted for sales of goods and services, we create easy-to-read websites aimed at successful sales.

BPM Cloud web development outsourcing goals.

The main goal is to solve our client’s problems, understand the client’s wishes and offer professionally individual options for implementation.

Web development outsourcing for sites of any complexity.

BPM Cloud team offers it as follows:

  • Corporate websites.
  • Lending pages.
  • Promo websites.
  • Online stores.
  • Basic CMS with us are OpenCart, WordPress. We can work with other control systems as well.
  • Technical website optimization.
  • Technical support of websites and outsourced development services for Internet projects.
  • We offer long-term partnerships with companies in Belarus and all over the globe.

Development outsource without limits.

Outsourcing development at BPM Cloud increases the flow of customers by expanding the services offered, and if you need a complete solution for websites or applications, then outsourced development services is exactly what you are looking for.