Front end outsourcing.

Front end outsourcing, as practices of obtaining services from external providers, using examples of BPM Cloud, is common in areas with shortage of labor, and its cost is high, for example, in software development. Front end outsourcing in Belarus is popular enough to develop digital areas, because maintenance of full-time IT department is growing in price. By entrusting creation of digital products to outsourcing production, you can focus on business, customer service, sales and marketing. This also saves time for preparing everything that is needed for successful product market launch immediately after the development is completed.

Front end concept.

Building functional web services is complex and requires back end and front end development. Front end is an integral part of every web project, responsible for appearance of sites, namely graphic design, buttons, site menus, text content and images. This part of system is displayed in users’ browsers, which is why it’s called the part of client. Quality of front end determines whether customers use the products offered.

Front-end outsourcing.

Front-end development with external contractor is important and responsible step. BPM Cloud front end outsourcing experts highlight some benefits of outsourcing in front-end application development.

Economic and financial efficiency.

Hiring full-time employees takes time for labor market research, interviews, and resumes consideration. A specialist needs a workplace, a computer, and payment for software licenses. If necessary, you need to pay for vacation and sick leave. External performers remove these worries. As a result, BPM Cloud clients reduce production costs while increasing actual profits.

Team availability and variability.

Development of projects proceeds at different rates. At each stage different level of qualification of team and its composition is required. At the beginning of development, a powerful team is needed, and when maintaining finished system, immediately fixing errors and developing new functions, a single BPM Cloud specialist is enough.

Expertise and experience of development team.

Building your own development team that works effectively can take a lot of time. Front end outsourcing services at BPM Cloud have their own training system and vertical structure of organization. Each separate client project, for example, takes time for lengthy preparations. In this regard, involvement of our front end outsourcing company as provider to create a frontend will protect clients from cases when qualifications of a full-time employee are insufficient, and the team must be quickly expanded to perform huge amount of work.

Specificity of tasks.

In presence of formalized technical task, design of layouts and prototypes, it’s really beneficial to quickly transfer the task to front-end outsourcing to BPM Cloud. This is how you can strengthen team of in-house designers and developers with help of outsourcing. This invariably leads to efficient execution of valuable tasks. If correct communication is built between members of our client’s team, there are administrative resources for managing the team, then front-end outsourcing BPM Cloud team will easily establish interaction with our client’s technical team.

BPM Cloud front-end programmers.

Front end outsourcing development is highly demanded form of services for our clients. Each BPM Cloud developer owns only modern development tools, is constantly improving in the latest knowledge, and knows only the best practices and standards of work in this industry. Our specialists are fluent in JavaScript and Typescript, as they say, with their eyes closed. In their arena of tools there are popular frontend frameworks, such as Vue, React, Angular. BPM Cloud front end outsourcing team creates the best practices only, writing maintainable codes, which, as a result, creates high-end digital products. Our experts set up automated testing, which results in large combination of interface input parameters.

Frontend work style in BPM Cloud.

  • Our applications available from any device, for example, smart phones, tablets or computers, for which we use cross-platform functionality.
  • Application on any device is loaded with maximum speed and is available with poor quality and unstable connection.
  • Sites from BPM Cloud specialists look great, functioning on any sort of devices. Our team is ready to adapt ready-made sites, too.

Why BPM Cloud front end outsourcing?

Our experts in front end outsourcing development correctly represent formats of cooperation and are focused on results. A high-level project executor is encouraged depending on degree of responsibility in every client’s project. BPM Cloud team studies all requirements, forms technical solutions and a project implementation team.

Front end outsourcing development and developer out staffing.

  • Front end outsourcing implies development of the clients’ entire side. Our team’s specialists take all required front-end development and perform it only on their resources. Front end outsourcing gives clients access to highly qualified specialists. Each side will provide expert opinions on course of project.
  • Out staffing offers the transfer of BPM Cloud developers to our client’s projects. Our customer saves on hiring specialists, office costs and building work processes. Our client receives a ready-to-work employee or team for contract duration. BPM Cloud developers can easily adapt to conditions of client project.

Cross-platform apps.

When implementing complex interactive interfaces, we use the Single Page Application. Applications based on them are cross-platform. That is, client’s company service is available from any mobile device. So, savings are that one application targets all platforms. Single Page Applications provide richer and more rewarding user experience than regular website. Users go through experience of using classic native application in browser.

Profitable front end outsourcing

Front end outsourcing at BPM Cloud benefit from fact that we develop front end from scratch, relying on advanced technologies. Our development team designs architecture of application, develops complex user interfaces, understands foreign and third-party code, adding the necessary components. Provide your front end outsourcing with BPM Cloud, giving us pleasure and saving you costly burden. We’ll do our best, and you prepare to increase profitability of your online business.