Graphic design

Graphic design is the face of web resources and the company’s image element. By quality of graphic design, visitors first and foremost evaluate whether it’s worth staying on site or leaving for competitors. It’s the design that causes primary trust and interest. Graphic design is actually the main strategic element of company. Creating favorable image designs is BPM Cloud’s profile.

Need for web design.

Web design consists of vector graphics, technical design, 3D objects, icon rendering, and more. Without graphics, even a great website concept feels incomplete. Does your business site have enough content to fill? Do you have a full-time layout and programming specialist, but you need to get an original and unique graphic design? BPM Cloud graphics design services company develops turnkey websites and provides individual services.

Unique graphic for design.

Several specialists work on each project – marketer, designer, illustrator, programmer, UX specialist. In order for graphic design to perform its main function – to work for you and help the company to build trust and stand out from competitors. All graphic design products communicate with customers on behalf of company.

  • Graphic design services
  • Logo development with a unique design, multiple concepts and rationale.
  • Development of brand books, corporate identity. Color combinations, typesetting, and media design.
  • Illustration for printed publications.
  • Creation of layouts, i.e. posters, leaflets, catalogs.
  • Prototyping and development of any site unique design.
  • UI / UX design for user-friendly interfaces.
  • Design of mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Design of social networks Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tik-Tok and others.
  • Design graphics of info graphics based on text content.
  • Design and content for commercial proposal.
  • Presentation design for any document, executed in .pdf
  • Motion design. Bringing static images to life for videos, websites and presentations.
  • Pattern for posting on websites, in social networks, and on any media.
  • Graphic design for magazines, books, brochures, annual reports and more.
  • 3D-modeling according to description, photo or drawing.
  • Business cards, envelopes, packaging, bags, other souvenir and advertising products.
  • Outsourcing graphic design services.
  • Graphic design services online.

 Design graphics on site.

Graphic design is not just development of a beautiful picture, but also a well-thought-out functionality for convenient use. Visitors shouldn’t waste time studying the menu, so originality of graphic solution is always welcome. Professional graphic design services are thought out and competent, because a template site does not reflect all the advantages of the company. BPM Cloud recommends graphic design development from scratch. Outsourcing graphic design services are also available upon request.

Graphic website redesign.

Updating the site is necessary when it’s outdated, lacks software, and so on. BPM Cloud can change the appearance, leaving the site structure unchanged, or you can update the site completely. Fashion trends suggest the presence of flash animations, slideshows, banners, and advertising platforms. Improved navigation function, feedback system, forums, chats. We make any changes to the existing site.

Site graphic elements.

Pictures, photos, underlines, decorations are the site design integral part. BPM Cloud adds graphic elements to texts and decorates existing pages, because simple text won’t hold visitor’s attention for a long time. Graphics have their own specifics, and it’s important to find a compromise, some large and clear pictures, a few small pictures. They load faster, don’t distract attention and bring text to life. There are a few more graphic design secrets. Some sites, despite their seeming simplicity, hold your attention due to graphic elements.

Technical design.

Main goals of technical graphic design are to interest and amaze visitors, because the site, decorated via technical design, is stylish and effective. When developing technical designs, various techniques are used: drawing images from scratch, collage, photo retouching and simultaneous use of all techniques, which is determined by the task at hand.

Graphic design for banners and slideshows.

Results of this graphic design type beautify any website. A slideshow can showcase new products from online store, and a banner can tell clients about seasonal discounts and sales. After developing banners or slideshows, professional graphic design services at BPM Cloud correctly place elements on the site or redesign it in accordance with new requirements.

Design graphic in interfaces of apps and programs.

Apps’ interface is a system for managing them. Developing custom graphic interface design is a time-consuming and demanding job and it can be done at BPM Cloud. We can start updating by polling users: how convenient is the existing control system and what should be done to increase usability and graphical appeal? Graphic designing can update just about anything. You can have graphic design services online, too.

Logo design and corporate identity.

Do you need market recognition? To do this, it’s necessary to develop a logo and corporate identity, that is, special unique graphic designs that display the company name or manufactured goods. The logo should have a color scheme and graphics that are compatible with corporate identity. BPM Cloud graphics design services company can design the logo to match the existing site. If necessary, we can redesign the site to match the logo and corporate identity. Graphic designing can become the company face for years to come and it brings profit.

Souvenir and advertising products.

Graphic designing development for advertising products (business cards, envelopes, bags, souvenirs) is one of the directions at BPM Cloud graphics design services company. We can develop any original design for all kind of advertising products, taking into account corporate identity and colors, using the company logo.

BPM Cloud graphic design conceptual features.

  • All graphic design works are created taking into account the UX rules for maximum user comfort. No outside specialist for prototyping is required.
  • Our practice included interior design, printed products and apps. BPM Cloud team takes on new challenges with enthusiasm.

BPM Cloud graphics design services company creates business promotion materials that grab attention, excitement and desire to be with your company. Graphic design by BPM Cloud is truly a commerce engine.