IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is incredibly in demand, because it allows business to partially or completely transfer responsibilities to maintain, maintain and modernize companies’ IT infrastructure in caring hands of BPM Cloud. Outsourcing for IT is successful because we have well-staffed team of highly qualified IT specialists with high level of specialized support for extremely complex solutions. Among tasks solved by means of IT outsourcing, support for servers, terminal servers, business applications, database management systems, automatic telephone exchange, corporate mail and much more.

Outsourcing for IT with BPM Cloud.

BPM Cloud provides a full range of IT outsourcing service. We service office equipment, organize technical support prior to developing strategy for development of IT infrastructure and provide comprehensive IT outsourcing to our partners. Transferring all works of IT department to BPM Cloud IT outsourcing service guarantees optimization of IT costs, increasing stability of IT services and business applications.

Benefits of outsourcing for IT.

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs.
  • Increased productivity and stability of IT systems.
  • Minimization of downtime.
  • Noticeable increase in company’s profitability.
  • Rapid recovery after troubleshooting.
  • Team consists only of professionals.
  • Reliable reporting.
  • Reduced taxation.
  • Increasing level of investment attractiveness.
  • Removing burden of accounting and personnel management.
  • Falling risks and costs.
  • Ability to avoid labor disputes.

Functional outsourcing for IT.

Functional IT services outsourcing combines work of mid-level IT specialists in client’s company staff and specialized support for complex IT solutions, namely, servers, automatic telephone exchanges, corporate mail, terminal servers, business applications, database management systems.

IT services outsourcing of system services.

BPM Cloud IT outsourcing specialists carry out failure prevention by monitoring operation of important services. Among them are e-mail, file and web services, services of network services and information security, data recovery IT outsourcing of system services provides for solution of information technologies functioning problems.

IT outsourcing of infrastructure.

This type of IT outsourcing is expressed in management and support of operating systems, office applications, and office equipment support. This form of IT outsourcing is quite in demand by our partners from small businesses. BPM Cloud outsourcing IT service specialists daily monitor work of company’s basic services, and, if necessary, visit our clients for preventive works. We carry out other actions remotely using remote access.

Explore more detailed IT outsourcing options with BPM Cloud. These are not all offers of our digital agency. Feel free to ask us questions.

IT consulting.

  • IT audit of company’s infrastructure.
  • Functioning of information technology service organization.
  • Design of business infrastructure.
  • Analysis and optimization of IT budget.
  • IT infrastructure.

Server rental in outsourcing IT service.

  • Virtual server for working in applications.
  • Backing up to external resources.

Setting up and maintaining servers.

  • Development of requirements for server hardware, configuration and procurement.
  • Installation of server hardware, initial testing.
  • Installation of operating systems, updates, security settings.
  • Data recovery from backups.
  • Server maintenance, elimination of failures in operation of server software.

Maintenance of computers in IT outsourcing.

  • Optimization of operating system, removal of unauthorized software.
  • Removal and treatment of viruses, root-kit, blockers, malware.
  • Rebuilding mail clients.
  • Non-standard software.

Antivirus system.

  • Server of administration console provision with anti-virus system.
  • Debugging the functioning and updates of antivirus software.
  • Installation of antivirus programs on servers and workstations.

Postal outsourcing IT service.

  • Setting up mail server and configuring connectors.
  • DNS, MX, SPF records.
  • Debugging access to mail system from outside.
  • Mailboxes for users and for mailing.
  • Anti-spam software.


  • Installation and initial configuration of MS SQL
  • Creation or transfer of databases.

Active network equipment for outsourcing IT service.

  • Establishing rules for packet filtering, routing and port forwarding.
  • Built-in dial-in VPN server.
  • VPN connections with IPSEC protocol.
  • Functioning of virtual local area networks.

IT outsourcing of network storage systems.

  • Working with NAS and connecting to network.
  • Parameters of NAS functioning, creating disk arrays.
  • Establishing interaction with Active Directiory.
  • Access rights to network data.

 Additional work in IT outsourcing.

  • Diagnostics of hard drives space availability.
  • Control of errors in system logs.
  • Diagnostics of Active Directory functioning.
  • Verify backup and restore copy data.
  • Monitoring work of antivirus software.

Maintenance of office equipment and telephone systems.

  • Setting up office equipment, solving problems with office equipment and minor repairs.
  • Setting up and maintenance of IP-telephony systems AVAYA ipOffice 500, Asterisk or Infinity.

Additional outsourcing IT service at BPM Cloud.

  • Design and installation of structured cabling systems.
  • Full service of control systems and access control.
  • Tests, trials, diagnostics of errors and failures.
  • Service of routine maintenance.
  • Service of video surveillance systems.
  • Equipment at operator’s work area.

Trust-based IT outsourcing.

IT outsourcing by BPM Cloud team means for us your trust in our specialists solving tasks and problems of complex maintenance. BPM Cloud guarantees care of our clients’ servers, computers, laptops, office equipment, and provides user support, maintaining smooth operation of applications and IT services. We can configure monitoring systems of IT infrastructure to prevent disruptions, which is guaranteed to save all the data.

Your IT brings us satisfaction.

IT outsourcing with guarantees for business with selection of reliable solutions at BPM Cloud. Personalized approach depending on state of IT infrastructure and tasks set. IT outsourcing removes burden of hiring full-time employees, arranging workplaces, obligations under labor contracts and sick leaves. What is difficult for you brings pleasure to BPM Cloud, because outsourcing IT service is our profession.