Outsourcing testing

Let’s assume that a company decides to update its own automated system. At the same time, durability of the current IT infrastructure should not be lost, and the new system has to be integrated step by step with all other systems. IT department of that company is busy testing the new IT system, without resorting to software testing outsourcing, and the company’s clients experience discomfort and difficulties during entire time of setting up new software. Outsourced testing makes such issues no more to happen.

Without outsourcing testing services, the following problems arise:

  • Costs of testing are growing due to lack of company own staff and complexity of examination, costs of training personnel and purchase of equipment are increasing, too.
  • Situation with the low quality of software products is aggravated by lack of own resources and partial refusal to test new functional options.
  • Loyalty of employees engaged in non-core testing activities is falling down.
  • There is lack of expertise, as there is no opportunity to reduce cost if you apply practices and automation of testing, which are possible on outsourcing testing services only.
  • Indirect costs rise as the lack of testing allows defect to penetrate further, disrupting user experience. It costs business order more than outsourced testing.

Such problems lead to financial and image losses that can’t be measured with money alone. But minimal expenses can sort these issues out.

Outsourced testing at BPM Cloud.

Outsourced opportunities at BPM Cloud have methodological and technological expertise in outsource software testing, and there’s full understanding our clients’ business.

Outsourcing the IT systems quality.

Let us introduce our abilities and resources we offer in outsourced testing.

  • BPM Cloud conducts functional and load testing, automating these tests to ensure total quality of your websites and applications.
  • Documenting test cases and requirements, which is complete and detailed test documentation.
  • Testing arsenal at BPM Cloud testing laboratory includes such utilities as Jira, Testrail, Confluence, TestComplete, Selenium, Cucumber, Calabash, Gherkin, JUnit, TestNG and many others.
  • Continuous interaction with clients and joint determination of key parameters at each stage of outsourcing implementation.
  • Conclusion of service level agreement and provision of tools for monitoring the work of testers from BPM Cloud side.
  • Reporting on testing in required format and frequency, as well as informing the client about current status of works being carried out.

Expected results from outsourced testing.

  • Customer testing costs fall by almost or more than a half. BPM Cloud team practices remote test centers and implementation of auto tests.
  • Outsourced testing time is cut by more than a half or even more.
  • Volume of test automation is growing due to our own BPM Cloud developments, against background of coordination to auto-tests corrections and client instructions for interpreting test results.
  • Increase in several times the productivity of systems.
  • Improving quality of products in the industrial sector, because reduction in number of defects increases the stability of software, reducing image risks.
  • After implementation of software testing outsourcing, the load on IT departments of our clients is significantly reduced, and these relevant departments are busy with their main work, instead of testing, which significantly optimizes workload of respected employees.

Outsourced testing at no extra cost.

BPM Cloud outsourcing testing services’ provider eliminates the need to spend time, money and effort building and maintaining your own testing team. There is no need to purchase very expensive devices, equipment or tools, and to monitor the work of test team.

Trust the outsourced testing professionals.

Tester professionals at BPM Cloud outsourcing testing services team are experienced and passionate about their work. These specialists are independent of developers team, which makes them objective.

Flexible outsourcing testing service.

Any of software outsourcing testing service can be used at any minute, and you can suspend it at any time you want without risks and additional costs. By setting up an outsourced testing service with BPM Cloud software testing agency, our clients save time, money and get access to quality services.

Why outsourced testing with BPM Cloud?

The right supplier of software outsourcing testing service and BPM Cloud quality assurance service is that key to success in challenging realities of the market system you really need. Take this partnership decision seriously and keep in mind our reputation.

Significant testing experience.

BPM Cloud agency remains the recognized leader in providing quality assurance and software testing services not only in Belarus, but far beyond our country. For many years in the digital services market, numerous customers around the world trust us, which we value.

BPM Cloud software testing team.

Test team of our agency is recognized as one of the leading among outsources software service providers. The team has experience in both software testing and clients communications. Each of our specialists fruitfully cooperates with regular customers from different countries around the globe.

Focus on testing.

Each member of the BPM Cloud outsourced testing team is deeply specialized in a specific area. Thus, we achieve the highest quality of all types of outsource software testing. In the arsenal of our studio are test specialists for manual and automated testing, experts for mobile and desktop testing, specialists for testing web applications and in the sector of e-commerce, as well as experts for game or performance testing, security, technical documentation and many others.

BPM Cloud outsourcing test laboratory.

Testing laboratory of our agency has all necessary equipment and tools for implementation of high-quality outsourced services only. We have many modern mobile platforms, and we test software on real devices only, not on emulators.

Testing of your choice with BPM Cloud.

Independent and comprehensive testing of any software products existing. Outsource software testing in BPM Cloud and ultimate responsibility for quality. Manual or automated testing in exactly format of interaction that best meets customer expectations. Releases are strictly on time, customers are satisfied with quality provided, and headaches are gone: just entrust the outsourced testing to us!