PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)



Pay-per-click advertising in multiple languages by «BPM Cloud» can most quickly and effectively present any sort of company brand to their target audiences anywhere on the planet, not only in Belarus. Upon completion of marketing research and site optimization by our company, you can immediately start advertising campaign with pay per click in order to attract foreign customers almost immediately. In this direction, «BPM Cloud» uses its own technologies.


Per-click advertising by «BPM Cloud».


  • Pay-per-click advertising in your language brings instant traffic.
  • Advertising for your business is visible and available to users on many search engines.
  • Advertisements of company are seen by visitors in different languages.
  • Payment is made only when customer shows interest to your product and leaves for your site or page.
  • Business independently regulates advertising budget of campaign for PPC pay per click.
  • Advertising goes to selected target audience strictly in required space, at favorable time.
  • Collected data regarding pay-per-click users is used as needed in other marketing channels.


Technology of pay-per-click ad.


Pay-per-click advertising remains requested advertising type, as international search systems bring text ads for clients, who search for specific information by entering keywords and phrases only. When necessary ad was completed with right keywords, and words match custom query, ad displays at search results upper lines. Interested clients click and go to website page you expect. Your business pays for advertising after customers click on required website only.


Social networks.


Social media pay-per-click advertising is where banners, photos or texts broadcast on relevant social media for show strictly to necessary target audience.


Price comparison websites.


Ideal pay-per-click advertising for stores offering online sales. Advantage is high conversion rates because customers are looking for products on price comparison sites and are eager to purchase or request service immediately.


Display advertising.


Banners, images can be displayed on websites or pages at multilingual search engines, so target audience use them.


Affiliate marketing with pay per click.


Business advertises on partner sites and business pays in each user’s favor, subscriber, or customer. So, affiliate partner is paid by you either per click or receives commission on total sales.


Re targeting.


Such pay-per-click ads show to customers earlier used your website, mobile application, or social media page. This advertising form is set enlarging conversion rate.


How does pay-per-click advertising act?


Company pays search system for fact on ads clicks and transitions to website only. Ad representing business outside of Belarus requires interaction with numerous search systems and social networks. Popularity of specific social networks varies greatly from country to country. In this regard, «BMP Cloud» thinks out and implements effective PPC advertising campaigns for various search engines. To do this, our team studies keywords, because this is what brings maximum return on advertising investments.


Keyword research.


«BPM Cloud» carefully selects special keywords required to your business and within existing budget. Cost per click onto ad or picture is cost of your keywords. Our marketers conduct thorough study of keywords in other languages, thereby creating the most efficient strategy.


Account creation and setup.


«BPM Cloud» creates accounts for each pay-per-click ad campaign in desired search system in needed language.


Landing page creation.


By clicking onto ad, customers will be taken to website or special business page. «BPM Cloud» marketers advise to create promo page to collect and analyze visitor databases. This data is meaningful to subsequent ad promo campaigns.


Making of ads.


«BPM Cloud» independently collects keyword-rich advertisements in many languages. Thus, business not only communicates in language of target audience, but transforms users into satisfied customers.


Tracking campaign performance.


«BPM Cloud» embeds tracking links in every pay-per-click ad. This is how we predict and actually see the process in each advertising campaign effectiveness.


Start of campaign.


PPC services campaign configured at «BPM Cloud» is immediately launched, continuously evaluating performance and comparing multiple variants for group of pay-per-click advertising promo actions. This allows our managers to adjust course of relevant campaign.


Analysis and reporting.


«BPM Cloud», summarizing data on campaign performances, prepares detailed reports, including parameters such as conversion rate, bounce indicator, click-through payment amount, average cost per click, conversion price.


«BPM Cloud» covers any market.


  • «BPM Cloud» marketers create and place pay-per-click ads on any desired search engine on the planet.
  • We can recommend the most top search engines according to desired target audience. «BPM Cloud» will conduct a turnkey PPC advertising promo action in required foreign language.
  • It’s not just overseas pay-per-click advertising, but an effective campaign on hit search systems.


Multi SMM.


«BPM Cloud» manages perfect pay-per-click campaigns at social networks all over the world. To do this, our team diagnoses and advises optimal social media resources in target countries.


Cost for pay-per-click advertising.


Cost per click is directly related to competition in occupied business field and popularity of selected keywords. «BPM Cloud» marketers identify requested keywords in specific search engine’s bidding system. All those are strictly connected with budget and marketing targets. Cost of clicks has connection to target audience, business industry, size of market, search system sort.


Important to emphasize.


Pay-per-click campaign enlarges brand loyalty and users awareness. «BPM Cloud» customizes business campaign based on any branding requirements. We should place brand name on banner ads. As result, business website gains advantages in branding form, increased sales, lead generation, when clients register, leave you applications, fill out required forms. This gives rising site traffic and conversion of users to existing clients.


We look forward to partnership.


Commitment to our clients’ business picks gives confidence in new joint victories. And if «BPM Cloud» is not yet with you in pay-per-click advertisement, we extend our partner’s hand to you, hoping for strong reciprocal handshake.