Redesign website.

Website redesign is essential for business aimed at updating its online sales tool. Not everyone realizes that it’s time to change the site design, but redesign of website greatly increases popularity of business projects, attracting both permanent and new target audience.

Frequency and need for website redesign.

Design that was relevant a few years ago is considered by users to be outdated and completely unfashionable at present. Potential business clients don’t trust stagnant projects too much, even if content is updated regularly. Redesign of website solves this problem, and experts say the website redesign should be done at least once every five years. Thus, relevance of site remains, it remains attractive to regulars and new customers.

What is web redesign?

Professional website redesign consists in cardinal changes in design, partial or complete replacement. In this case, replacement of design must be carried out strictly by professionals. It makes no sense to independently update design of your site if you don’t have appropriate required skills. «BPM Cloud», according to your wishes, will develop a new design of the most modern and excellent quality.

Website redesign is necessary if:

  • Site has been functioning for a long time.
  • Site design, structure and functionality are physically and morally outdated.
  • There is a need to introduce new and additional services.
  • Your company changed its name, logo, updated its image and corporate identity.
  • Old design is unattractive.
  • The need to change the site in accordance with fashion trends.
  • Users and customers complain about inconvenient structure.
  • Visitors leave the site, not understanding navigation and not finding info, so your business loses profit.
  • Sites of competitors are more attractive, and navigation is more convenient.
  • Previously, business card site was enough for you, but now you need to launch online store.

Website redesigns goals.

Integrated approach to increasing conversion through website redesigns at «BPM Cloud» will effectively solve the business tasks set. Modernized and attractive design of business portal has positive effect on behavioral factors, increasing the site positions in the search engines, and leads to increased sales.

  • Increase in site conversion.
  • Increased user and customer loyalty.
  • Growth in direct sales from business website.
  • Increase in flow of site visitors.

Website redesign and development works.

  • «BPM Cloud» site designers discuss with clients what the new design should be. Project goals, target audience and other factors are taken into account.
  • «BPM Cloud» conducts thorough analysis of the site state for relevance of graphics and content, and the old functionality is subject to testing. This raises the question to introduce new functions.
  • Web redesign team makes up action plan individually, considering every site element.
  • Sketch of the future design is corrected at the client’s request.
  • For a responsive site, new design options are drawn using monitors of various formats.
  • Html layout of new design layouts and implementation of program code as needed.

Redesign the website at «BPM Cloud» to actualize business projects.

Redesign of website with advantages.

Modern and unique website redesign by «BPM Cloud» brings positive effect on customer behavioral factors, ensuring a surge in sales. «BPM Cloud» has unique experience in website redesign and development, proud of satisfied customers as they have access to website redesign services from drawing design layouts of pages to complete changes on site, as well as testing results with subsequent full technical support.

Turnkey website redesign.

  • Websites are becoming more convenient, because «BPM Cloud» modernizes them, according to modern trends in interface design and usability. This is guaranteed to increase our partners’ sales.
  • Sites are displayed correctly on all types of mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets due to adaptation to mobile version. Adaptive site layout during its redesign brings new customers and directly affects growth of sales.
  • Redesign of website is carried out strictly on all requirements for SEO-optimization, so the site updated after redesign doesn’t lose its position in the search results.
  • «BPM Cloud» has all resources and technologies to carry out works on website redesign strictly on time. We bear financial responsibility stipulated in the contract if our work isn’t delivered on time.

Steps to successful website redesign with «BPM Cloud».

Redesign of website is a long-term investment that pays dividends every day in form of new customers and increased loyalty. Redesigning sites for profitable business is a task for «BPM Cloud» professionals. Website development consists of seven steps, involving specialists of different profiles. In short, these steps to success in professional website redesign look like this:

  • Research and analysis.
  • Formation of technical specifications.
  • Design and prototyping.
  • Design creation and layout.
  • Programming and integration of new design.
  • Full-scale testing and launch.
  • Technical support and development of project after website redesign.

Guaranteed result of website redesign.

After you redesign the site at «BPM Cloud», your business tool will meet all modern requirements. The site structure is clear and simple for any visitor, and this is a guarantee that customers won’t go to the competitor’s site because they couldn’t find the desired product, service or information. Usability audit makes it possible to draw up a technical task for the site modernization. «BPM Cloud» designers create completely new and unique concepts, and managers coordinate it with clients. Finally, our team starts to implement ideas.

On time or even earlier, the results of work of «BPM Cloud» creative team will delight the website redesign customer. Technical specialists of our studio integrate the site into an intelligent and convenient management system so that further site updates will become much easier.

Let your business grow after redesign of website.

Management system after redesign of website is simple. If the site was created when there were no multifunctional CMS, «BPM Cloud» can transfer all content to the new engine CMS. Learning to use the management system after website redesign doesn’t require special training, and any of your company employees can easily add products, services, news to the catalog, update contact info or publish articles. Isn’t all this what you dreamed of? Cooperation with us can create a miracle in the world of your business only thanks to website redesign by «BPM Cloud».