Shopify Development.

Shopify development remains very user-friendly, affordable and multifunctional, with its help BPM Cloud can create any online store or app by design. Admin panel is very similar to Opencart and Prestashop panels. Using a huge set of settings and possibilities of Shopify development BPM Cloud Shopify development agency guarantees smooth mastering possibility of full-fledged work for online stores. Shopify development allows using ready-made marketplace templates, which is suitable for business that needs to get started right away. BPM Cloud Shopify development company also creates unique designs of marketplace for sale of specific goods types.

Shopify development: basic functionality capabilities.

Using online stores developed at BPM Cloud on Shopify, following is possible:

• Order management.

• Create directory settings.

• Issue and acceptance of invoices.

• Manage promo codes and gift cards.

• Introduction of client database.

• Drawing up sales reports.

• Managing channels for attracting new customers.

• Publishing posts in online store blog.

• Create shops for free and paid offers.

• Import and export of goods in CSV format.

Undeniable pros after Shopify development.

Shopify development main advantage lies in fast indexing and promotion of online store created right now on network. Among other advantages BPM Cloud Shopify development company notes following:

• Variety to pay methods in 70 payment systems.

• Low website requirements.

• Significant additions set.

• Creation of landing pages to promote certain goods types.

• Development a Shopify app to attract customers and increase traffic.

• As all in one business e-commerce solution, Shopify is viable alternative to open source or standalone systems such as Magento, Shopware or WooCommerce.

Basic stages of Shopify development.

BPM Cloud Shopify development company helps clients in start their small business online, which can eventually grow into huge online market network. Shopify development guarantees results, however, before start selling products or services, it’s needed to go through several stages:

• Project discussion between BPM Cloud Shopify development company and client.

• Drawing up Shopify development brief.

• Detailed technical specifications creation.

• Trading platform development. BPM Cloud Shopify development agency specialists create future website design.

• Website layout, setting up platform and functional modules.

• Testing the resource for capabilities and performance of online store.

• Uploading content about products and launching a trading platform on network.

Shopify development for commerce.

Shopify ecommerce development is a great solution for getting started with ecommerce business and for starting online stores. Beautiful and convenient system for easy online business start, which is suitable for commerce within Belarus and for international trade due to wide integration possibilities with business partners’ apps. Shopify ecommerce development guarantees quality online store with responsive marketing template, technical support, qualified consulting by BPM Cloud Shopify development company and implementation in the shortest possible time.

Away from headaches.

  • Shopify ecommerce development offers many apps that can personalize online store. Site owners can independently connect Shopify apps to online store. It’s about such popular apps as Product Reviews, Discount System and Additional options for shipping goods.
  • Shipping goods is no longer a problem! Shopify platform has ready-made solution, because it has several options for sending products built into it and it’s possible to set flat rate for shipping or set individual shipping cost for each item.

Additional services at BPM Cloud Shopify development company. 

  • Individual website or Shopify mobile app development.
  • Layout of template.
  • Programming for platform handler.
  • Adaptation for or Open Graph microdata.
  • Transfer of template files.
  • Installation and integration.
  • Setting up additional apps based on Shopify, for example, for SEO.
  • Uploading photos or files to product when ordering.
  • Functions to increase sales and improve conversion.
  • Reviews, pop-ups, referral programs, dropshipping.
  • Widgets for social networks and telephony services, chats, response blocks.
  • Galleries, sliders, push notifications.
  • For subscribers of e-mail and SMS.
  • Cross-selling, awards, sticks to goods, one-click login via social networks, goods pre-orders, notifications about goods in stock.
  • Shopify theme development.
  • Partial and recurring payment plans, CMR Salesforce, Zoho, Pipeliner or AgileCRM and others.
  • Creation of unique landing pages with content, products forms in visual editor.
  • Support for changes to categories, product pages, posts.

Shopify ecommerce development functionality.

• Payment via PayPal Express Checkout, 2Checkout, Fondy, Stripe, Skrill and other international systems.

• Cash on delivery, money order, bank deposit or Shopify custom development.

• Zones and regions of delivery, tariffs, accounts of carriers FedEx, UPS, DHL and more.

• Sections of orders, products, customers, analytics, marketing, discounts, applications, pages, blog, template, domain connection, settings.

• Connecting sales channels in social networks, integration with Amazon through additional applications, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Wholesale, Houzz, BuzzFeed.

Features of Shopify development.

Shopify is closed system and changes to the backend / admin interface or data processing are only possible to limited extent. However, functions set can be extended using apps from at BPM Cloud Shopify development company, while native plugins can also be implemented through REST API. If Shopify needs to be configured in multiple languages, BPM Cloud will turn to plugins as this feature isn’t natively supported. Additional currencies can be converted in interface using JS, however, online store base currency is always displayed at checkout.

Advantages of Shopify web development.

• Unlimited hosting.

• Supports greater developer community.

• Rich selection of free or paid add-ons and templates.

• Unlimited hosting.

• Interaction with 70 payment systems.

• Growing developers’ community.

Why BPM Cloud?

Shopify apps development or Shopify website development with unique design by BPM Cloud. Only author’s projects for individual development. Performance in good faith without breach of obligations. BPM Cloud develops Shopify resources completely SEO-ready and maximizes e-commerce results in shorter time.