Social Media Advertising Services.

Social media advertising is an important tool for modern marketing and a relevant direction for your online business development. Social networks are very popular today. Millions of users of different age, gender and status are registered in them. The most popular social networks for advertising are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, VKontakte and so many others. These social networks generate interest among advertisers, are highly effective, and help promote commercial offers through communities, groups, publics and applications. Advertisers choose social networks based on their marketing goals.


Advertising with social media.


SMM advertising is gaining momentum every day due to a number of advantages:


  • Setting up social media advertising for the lowest budget.
  • Users are more loyal to ads in social media.
  • Detailed and flexible customization.


People prefer to buy on social media for several reasons:


  • Using ads in social media, it’s easy to compare offers of sellers.
  • No need to waste time, the purchase is made in a couple of clicks.
  • Before buying, you can see reviews from other customers.


Targeted ads in social media.


An important tool in e-commerce is displaying ads based on various criteria. On social media advertising, «BPM Cloud» highlights the following settings:


  • Geography.
  • Gender and age.
  • Interests.
  • The platform used.


Contextual advertising with social media.


In contextual ads in social media, work is built with warm and hot traffic. Users write requests, and in response they receive advertising offers. As a result, you’re in contact with audience interested in buying right now. So sales can be obtained in a very short time.


Wide threshold of entry.


The entry threshold for working with targeted social advertising is significantly lower. On social networks, it’s enough to have a group to drive traffic to lead forms. Each social network has its own audience, for example, Instagram audience is very different from Facebook audience, and advertising with social media settings must be individual.


Instagram’s ads by «BPM Cloud».


Advertising on Instagram requires a careful approach to development of photos and videos, because the first thing this social network needs is photos. Create social media ads on Instagram at «BPM Cloud».


Instagram’s ads:


  • Can be configured for several tasks in order to achieve different goals – to gain target subscribers, increase sales, increase traffic on site.
  • You can set up advertising by geo location and advertise, for example, opening of a new store, which increases the visitors’ flow.
  • Targeted social media advertising on Instagram is very budgetary.
  • Products and services, courses, trainings, seminars, webinars, marathons and interactive are suitable for advertising. This encourages audience and love to your brand.
  • Ability to advertise in Stories.


Facebook’s ads by «BPM Cloud».


Facebook social media advertising includes about fifteen types of targeting, that is, absolutely everything can be sold on Facebook. Hundreds of agencies offer to buy ads on Facebook, but only professionals, including «BPM Cloud» social media advertising services, can make the correct settings.


Facebook’s ads:


  • Online courses, trainings, webinars, marathons to gather target audience.
  • Offline event with geo location social media advertising settings to collect the maximum number of visitors.
  • Increasing brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty to brand is perfectly created on Facebook.
  • Women who are disposed to purchases on Facebook make it possible to advertise any kind of women’s goods — clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and jewelry.
  • Organization of holidays and events advertised on Facebook, leads to streams of new customers.


Content before launching traffic.


«BPM Cloud» creates pages on social networks, and they need to be filled with content so that the TA can learn more about you and see the activity.


To start traffic, begin posts as follows:


  • Top of the best and most popular products with descriptions, discounts and call to action.
  • Video reviews about product or service.
  • Photo reviews.
  • Process of creating products and delivering to customers.
  • Description of the main advantages and benefits of product or service.
  • Answers to FAQ and work with objections.
  • History of creating business in the blog format on behalf of the head.


This minimum increases the subscriber-to-client conversion rate of those who come to community through targeted ads in social media.


Stages of social media advertising services campaign at «BPM Cloud».


We create social media ads campaign in stages:


  • Study of specifics, products, services of your company.
  • Allocation of the TA.
  • Development of social advertising campaign strategy.
  • Testing the readiness of business site for social advertising campaign, if transitions are required.
  • Design of advertisements and writing of selling texts.
  • Launch of social media advertising campaign.
  • Monitoring statistics and evaluating performance with necessary adjustments.
  • Providing reports.


Benefits of social media advertising.


  • Customized ad impressions to specific users.
  • Suitable for businesses of any line of business and scale.
  • Powerful protection against bots and clicks.
  • Ideal form for mobile advertising.
  • Low cost.
  • Low average price for banners.
  • Wide coverage of your TA.
  • The largest of existing social media advertising platforms.
  • Unlimited possibilities.
  • Carousels, multi-formats, regular banners offer more options than Google Ads.


Setting up social media advertising campaign by «BPM Cloud».


  • Creation of an advertising cabinet.
  • Launching ads in social media.
  • Customize display times, forms of payment, countries and regions.
  • Market analysis, assessment of opportunities, thinking through a strategy.
  • Development of some advertising in social media, creation of banner, agreement with client.
  • Creation of paid ads on social media with customization of all parameters.
  • Tracking statistics and adjusting rates per click.
  • Testing of various options for banners and texts.



Paid social media advertising.


Paid ads on social media are carried out for clicking on ad to your site or community. «BPM Cloud» can set up payment for impressions, because for some topics this is a great way to save money. You yourself determine the CPC in paid ads on social media, coordinating it with «BPM Cloud». This determines where and how often your ad will be shown. Social media advertising, as you can see, is the most modern, inexpensive and effective way to increase profit and brand reputation that our team arranges for you.