Social media (SMM)

Millions of users visit social media networks several times a day. Among hundreds of thousands of accounts, there are profiles of potential customers for your business. With proper understanding of social media benefits, you can get numerous applications, increasing business sales. Social networks under BPM Cloud strategy are turning into highly profitable sales channels. BPM Cloud, as social media marketing agency with advanced and solid experience in working with business, attracts real clients. Social media management services team conducts business on top social networks VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, TikTok, Yandex.Dzen and others.


Existing myths.

Many consider it sufficient to maintain accounts, posting photos and indicating cost of items. But there is really effective method, one that uses SMM 100%, that is, more than just posts. Social media marketing suits almost everyone. It’s believed this method won’t bring results for real estate business. The point is, before developing marketing strategy, you need to analyze business.


Social media promo on your own.

Companies that don’t cooperate with social media marketing agency make rude mistakes, which negatively affects to brand image. BPM Cloud highlights common mistakes when promoting SMM on its own.


Social media strategy is out of touch with main marketing plan. Keeping social media accounts in line with fashion is bad idea. Networks must work for brand.


Main tasks of social media networks:


  • Search for new clients.
  • Building positioning of business.
  • Improving company’s image.
  • Contact with users.
  • Promotion and advertising of goods.


Using social media as sales tool only. It’s unacceptable only to sell; users also need other content to make it interesting to follow business page.


Irregular posts. But main rule of SMM assumes regularity. Posts, stories, polls, photos and videos must be published daily.


Disregard for statistics and analytics. This helps to understand which direction company is heading and which content gets most reactions and reviews. This provides insight into level of audience engagement and where real applications are coming from.


Boost subscribers. This bad decision is fraught with ban of business account. In addition, winding up subscribers are unlikely to put likes and posts are hardly interesting to them.


Errors detected in 99% of companies where non-professionals are engaged in SMM. If business values itself, then cooperation with BPM Cloud social media services agency is that rule to follow.


Popular social media networks.

The most popular social media networks differ in audience and behavior. Same posts on different social media networks work differently or don’t work at all. It’s valued to correctly define platform for customer acquisition.


Social media promo tools.

To promote products or services, it’s important to use all available tools. Page itself, with participation of competent BPM Cloud social media manager, can act as full-fledged trading platform. Manager maintains dialogue with clients, advises them and sells items. Account must contain the most complete information about business, items, services, promotions and discounts. Informative account attracts as many customers as possible. Business pages on all social media are simply pointless to run. You need to understand target audience and know which social networks it is most on. Two questions help to understand where to direct forces in advancement. BPM Cloud social media agency calculates cost of promotion services based on:


  • Features of business.
  • Marketing positions of company.
  • Objectives and desired outcome.


Advertising in other media.

To draw attention to business of other users by promoting products and gaining new customers, you need attractive image and professional, polished copywriting.


SMM with bloggers.

You can advertise with both large and small bloggers. Business promotion on personal pages means advertising with bloggers on right placements. Target audience is important on the page, for example, on Instagram, with large number of subscribers on required for SMM business topic.


Targeted advertising.

Selected audience is shown advertising according to parameters configured in advertising account. As rules, gender, age category, location of clients and their interests are rebuilt. It’s important to adjust duration of advertising campaign and determine size of its budget. In process, user behavior is monitored and adjustments are made. Promotion with help of targeted advertising requires a lot of tests, advertising to different audiences, and using several layouts at once. A correctly configured SMM target will bring results some time after campaign start.


Personal messages.

Communicating with clients through private messages indicates to them they’re valued. You can contact with customers through BPM Cloud SMM manager, who communicates live with users, achieving sales. Success of SMM campaign can be viewed as whole. At BPM Cloud social media marketing agency, personalized promotion settings are selected, which brings maximum efficiency.


  • Increase brand awareness of business.
  • Promotion of goods and services.
  • Reducing negative attitude of audience in social networks.
  • Business reputation management.
  • Stimulating user interest.
  • Increased traffic to website of company.
  • Full communication with clients in appropriate social media networks.


BPM Cloud professional SMM team.

  • SMM-manager analyzes social networks, target audiences, creates content.
  • Manager communicates with visitors of social networks.
  • Copywriter writes texts.
  • Designer creates layouts, images and graphic information.
  • SMM analyst.
  • Internet marketer positions products or services.
  • Account manager leads business project.
  • Editor improves the texts.
  • Content manager prepares and publishes engaging and unique content.
  • SERM manager monitors brand and business reputation in social media.
  • Creative director brings in creative ideas.
  • Digital strategist develops promotion plan to become leader in relevant business segment.


SMM agency BPM Cloud.

Social media management of BPM Cloud develops only successful advertising strategies in social networks, choosing only networks and community concepts that are effective for the business of our clients. Social media services include an actionable content plan and posting styles. A professionally run SMM campaign attracts and retains customers, turning marketing investments into significant profits.