Symfony Development

Symfony development services were first provided in 2005. This framework was developed by the world-famous French company SensioLabs. To date, SensioLabs has offered Symphony development users opportunities in three work options, which are actively used by BPM Cloud Symfony development company:

  • Full Framework is complete set of program modules.
  • Symfony Silex is Symfony-based micro-framework for simple Symfony application development.
  • Twig is software with advanced PHP templating engines for Symfony web development framework of any complexity.

Where do we use Symfony development?

Framework building system Symfony is ideal for working with large projects, for developing small and low-functional sites. Symfony is actively used by BPM Cloud Symfony development company in creation of blogs, online stores and portals. Each release of Symfony new version is actively corrected by software developers, creating understandable system with debugged functions.

General information about Symfony.

Symfony is quite popular on the Internet space, and combines a set of useful tools for Symfony development and website promotion. Core of framework system is bundles, which are similar to plugins. Essence of work with Symfony development is to build framework for web applications and fill the structure with required scope of functions. Symfony framework is written in PHP5, it’s cross-platform, feature-rich, and has unlimited arsenal of customization options. Symfony 2 is open source. Symfony web development hasn’t received proper distribution in Russian-speaking development environment due to limited literature in Russian. But BPM Cloud Symfony development company easily solved this, because our international level developers know English.

PHP based Symfony.

  • Framework for developing complex web applications.
  • Very powerful functionality.
  • Sophisticated architecture.
  • Developed developers community.

Symfony, as a high performance framework, is written in PHP. Symfony is based on Model-View-Controller pattern and other object-oriented programming patterns are heavily used in its architecture. Symfony 2 works with PHP version 5.3.2 or later, and has support for many databases, including MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite and others. Relational database information in project must be linked to object model using ORM tool. Symfony base version is provided by two ORMs — Prope and Doctrine.

Symfony and other php frameworks.

  • Symfony development of complex project is justified, because some academicism pays off if code base grows rapidly. This is an undeniable advantage in comparison with other PHP frameworks.
  • Symfony is more attractive in comparison with Zend due to more beautiful architecture. Both frameworks are quite powerful and flexible, but Symfony is more understandable and correct from design point of view.

 Symfony development benefits.

  • Large number of ready-made solutions. Symfony development contains solutions for any simple or exotic task. Symfony offers over two and a half thousand bundles modules, among which BPM Cloud Symfony development company can easily find the right one for specific situations. BPM Cloud developers even write their own bundles, connecting them to engine.
  • Symfony is known for its optimally built concept, and there’s nothing redundant or unnecessary in engine.
  • For each framework version, every separate document has been released that describes in detail all components and bundles. Documentation for this framework is superbly structured, simple and clear, and contains examples.

Our recommendations.

For starting and improving complex and high-load web projects BPM Cloud Symfony development company recommends Symfony development. With the help of this php-framework, websites and applications of any complexity and type are created. Symfony development is ideal for launching corporate portals, online stores, client’s own CRM and other business projects.

When do you need Symfony development services?

Symfony’s voluminous capabilities are combined with high threshold of entry, which determines specifics of using Symfony. BPM Cloud Symfony development company uses this framework to create projects with high performance and speed that will be heavily loaded while in use. Development, support and maintenance of websites on Symfony php-framework requires high level of specialists, which our team is proud to have.

Right choice is important.

  • Any project requires maintenance and improvement over time.
  • Symfony web development is relevant if CMS capabilities are exhausted or if there’s plan to create a large-scale Internet resource that will grow rapidly and functionality of content management system is not enough.
  • Kindly note that Symfony web development framework takes comparatively longer time.

Symfony web development.

Symfony web development framework at BPM Cloud Symfony development company goes as follows:

  • Discussion with customer regarding project requirements.
  • Selection of suitable software solutions. Search for technologies that help making the project real.
  • Creation of navigation for website.
  • Development of design and coordination with client. Making edits as needed.
  • Website layout.
  • Creation of program code. If necessary, different CMS or popular frameworks are used.
  • Filling web resource with primary content.
  • Testing finished project, correcting identified errors.
  • Website launching.

BPM Cloud Symfony development company also offer additional services: web resource promotion and its further technical support.

BPM Cloud Symfony development services.

 Full development cycle Symfony application development or Symfony web development.

  • Participation in development of technical requirements.
  • Technical expertise, selection and justification of technologies / solutions.
  • Development of technical specifications for projects.
  • Development of UI / UX and graphic design of Symfony based websites or applications.
  • Front end and back end design development.
  • Testing of completed resource.
  • Documentation.
  • Deploy and full technical support.

Dream website or application by one call.

BPM Cloud Symfony development company is right for you if your business needs a ready-made selling resource for ecommerce with high-quality code, high security, performance, and containing no errors. Symfony development services guarantee responsive interface, informational support and consulting. Contact BPM Cloud right now for Symfony development and maintenance of existing projects!