Web Analytics

Analyze in any incomprehensible situation with websites or mobile apps. Successful project development is impossible without reliance on data. Tasks of web analytics are to optimize business processes, determine effectiveness of advertising campaigns, find growth points and, based on this data, make recommendations for the project development. Web and mobile analytics is easy and available at «BPM Cloud» web analytics company.


Who needs web analytics?


  • Project owners or specialists working on sites and mobile apps.
  • Agencies providing services to clients.
  • Those wishing to gain new knowledge or consult on subject matters within the analytics service framework for sites or apps.


Tasks that web analytics solves.


  • Assessing sites quality in accordance with goals set, including sales, registration, referrals to other resources, etc.
  • Traffic assessment such as number of visitors, sources and profitability.
  • Audience analysis.
  • Search for site problem areas.
  • Identifying potential for profit growth.
  • Minimization of conversion costs.


Web and mobile analytics offerings from «BPM Cloud».


  • Implementation of web and mobile analytics system with Google Analytics and others.
  • Implementation and configuring advanced e-commerce or transaction commit.
  • Implementation and customization of pixels Criteo, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Professional configuration of a web analytics system for a site or application.
  • Development of collecting data systems on the visitors’ actions to the site or app.
  • Various systems’ integration into a single whole space.
  • Data transfer implementation from CRM system to Google Analytics.
  • Uploading data from various systems to an external database.
  • Data model for subsequent visualization.
  • Data visualization.


 Stages of web and mobile analytics project.


Web and mobile analytics project in «BPM Cloud» is divided into several stages. Sequence and scope of work execution are individual and depend on the task at hand. Process consists of the following steps:


  • Preparatory stage.
  • Setting up web and app analytics and collecting data about site visitors or mobile app clients.
  • Building a system for solving the setting up end-to-end analytics problem.
  • Visualization of summary data, development of reports and dashboards.
  • Integration between different systems.


Website analytics step by step.


After getting to know the project, «BPM Cloud» web marketing analytics defines tasks, configures data collection, implements systems that record the site visitors’ actions, performs the necessary integration and documents the work performed. Next, we set up or develop solutions for collecting data from various systems into a single repository, make a scheme for systems interaction and build a data model, solve issues of various system integration. «BPM Cloud» web marketing analytics connect the selected visualization tool to data sources, developing reports and setting up automation of the data refresh process.


Web and mobile analytics for special tasks.


«BPM Cloud» web analytics company recommends using analytics service for projects whose traffic is attracted to site, and monetization occurs in mobile application. Task of actions is in division of revenue in mobile app between the channels for attracting traffic to site. It’s difficult to assess the value of users, because often after clicking on the app install button, they go offline and their further actions with the app are unknown. On the web page analytics system, there is often no info about who installed the app, subscribed or made a purchase. The solution is to pass installs and billing data to web analytics. «BPM Cloud» web app analytics team can match site visitors and app users, as well as split the revenue in the app between the channels for driving traffic to the site. Thus, it becomes possible to see the entire steps sequence of unauthorized users, from login to the final money on web and in app.


BPM Cloud web analysts working methods.


  • Payment for the team’s work is fixed, for solving a specific problem in website analytics.
  • Setting up web and mobile analytics where traffic is attracted to site, and monetization occurs in mobile app.
  • Construction of client reporting and consultation. Client product analysis, KPI determination, reporting, automation of data collection, and expertise report to our clients.
  • «BPM Cloud» web app analytics pay attention on results of SEO promo work, conducting project tests on a complex range of parameters and forming implementation and use recommendations list.
  • Analysis consists in testing and checking a site or mobile app for required characteristics, including building User Flow usage diagrams and other specialized work.


Benefits of website analytics at «BPM Cloud».


  • Elaboration of project architecture.
  • Drawing up a portrait of users.
  • Diagnostics of capabilities and functionality.
  • Building a conversion map of users.
  • Checking user interface, UX.
  • Setting goals and setting KPIs.
  • UTM-tags for advertising channels implementation.
  • Sales funnel for our clients creation.
  • Comprehensive recommendations’ compilation.
  • Comprehensive audit of mobile apps that identifies technical and graphical errors, functionality of apps and structural defects.


Web analytics consulting services.


Costs of web analytics consulting services depends on the tasks complexity and time required to solve them. A rough estimate is possible after receiving preliminary info and familiarizing yourself with site or mobile app only. To do this, «BPM Cloud» web analytics company has developed briefs that are proposed for filling out before evaluating web analytics services and clarifying tasks. Control of work on the project web analytics is available by providing a report on the work performed and the time spent.


Analytics web page main findings.


If you want your website or mobile app to generate income, you need to understand how visitors interact with content and know whether it’s convenient and works correctly. Owners of online stores and sites turn to web analytics with «BPM Cloud» web analytics company for monetization purposes. Web analytics is an indispensable tool for business, thanks to which you can optimize costs and increase project profitability. It’s impossible to manage processes that you can’t control. Investing in a website or app shouldn’t be in vain, and making profit should strive for the maximum value. To do this, you need to understand how the project meets the visitors’ needs and whether it’s convenient for them. All these issues can be easily resolved using web analytics at «BPM Cloud».