Web design outsourcing.


Outsourcing web design at «BPM Cloud» web designing outsourcing company offers a chance to no longer waste time looking for an in-house designer. Web designing outsource means at once a whole team of professionals with rich and targeted experience for the price of one in-house designer!


What is design outsourcing for?


Professional design outsourcing is the ability to fully or partially transfer services to «BPM Cloud» for development of design layouts for business. The main difference is services cost, their quality and terms of cooperation, because design outsourcing presupposes long-term business relationships and transfer of the required works entire scope to our company. Due to long-term cooperation and transparent budget, significant discounts can be provided, and the final price for works entire scope is significantly lower compared to a one-time order.


Design outsourcing service package in «BPM Cloud».


  • Graphic design outsourcing accompanying advertising layouts in mass media.
  • Production of all types of advertising printing, including booklets, flyers, print advertising.
  • Design support for outdoor advertising layouts, namely boards, city lights and any other media types.
  • Web-design and advertising, that is, advertising banners and promotional sites.
  • Corporate design includes branded bags, calendars, folders and envelopes, badges, branded clothing and so on.
  • Design support for any advertising projects from A to Z in media, outdoor advertising and on the Internet.
  • Design layouts for social networks.
  • Any other types of graphic design and advertising design of interest to «BPM Cloud» web designing outsourcing company partners.


Cost savings.


Salary of a full-time designer is palpable for any company budget. Remember also costs of maintaining a specialist, office equipment, office itself, furniture, accounting services and much more. If we are talking about several specialists of different profiles, designer, layout designer, copywriter, web-designer, final costs become huge for company. Outsourced web design services are much cheaper, relieving company of the described burden.


Competence and timely execution.


Design outsourcing provides for B2B relationships, and you no longer need to stimulate and motivate your in-house specialist to perform duties efficiently and quickly. It’s important for business to quickly create, change and place design materials, and «BPM Cloud» adheres to deadlines for fulfilling obligations to customers. Working in different areas allows our outsourcing web designing team to avoid professional knowledge limits. We create unique and effective products only.


Attractive pricing.


Cost of professional web design outsourcing services is comparable to monthly salary of one designer, but a whole team is working on our client’s tasks. Projects at «BPM Cloud» are always under the strict control of our art director and his multi-level verification. So, you get rid of creating design layouts technical part and delegate administrative control over needed execution of tasks. By monetizing all the factors in aggregate, it’s easy to be convinced of the pricing system loyalty in design outsourcing. «BPM Cloud» will take on the full range of required advertising and graphic design work against the backdrop of minimal maintenance budget and undeniable professional quality.


Benefits of design outsourcing with «BPM Cloud».


  • Guaranteed patent ability of logos and names. «BPM Cloud» develops unique and unused company names in order to be patented and to avoid claims and courts from third-party copyright holders.
  • Quick check of names in databases of patents in Belarus and any country in the world. Patent attorneys of our web designing outsourcing company have electronic document flow with patent offices; therefore, it’s possible to carry out an inspection in a very short time.
  • «BPM Cloud» values ​​each client, so individual and unique approach to each client underlines our concern for reputation. We are always glad to see successful development of our web designing outsource partners’ business.
  • Continuous development in design outsourcing gives us all keys to innovation, and our specialists continually hone their professional design skills.


Design outsourcing for business.


«BPM Cloud» web designing outsourcing company provides mutually beneficial and efficient design outsourcing in Belarus, including outsourcing web design overseas, solving all kinds of creative and production tasks for development and registration of logos, trademarks for business.




Design outsourcing provides for implementation of stated monthly volume of work. Specific terms become known after detailed communication with clients.


Your own from design outsourcing.


  • Immediate start of work on client’s corporate identity and advertising campaigns.
  • Execution of design services for any necessary advertising materials.
  • Well-coordinated and smooth work with contractors.
  • Continuous contact with us in any convenient way at any time convenient for clients of design outsourcing.


Steps to collaborate with «BPM Cloud».

  • Careful coordination of information and filling out a brief for future project. Sending the brief, and, if necessary, free consultations on any questions.
  • Commercial offer with the most detailed description of upcoming work, terms and cost.
  • Coordination of contract clauses and its conclusion.
  • Advance payment after the contract conclusion is half of the total amount.
  • Development of project with coordination of intermediate results with a design outsourcing client. The number of intermediate approvals varies depending on work complexity and using the most modern communication channels only.
  • Delivery of project provides for an Act of works acceptance and sending by «BPM Cloud» of all project materials. At this stage, payment of the remaining amount under our agreement is to be made.
  • Design outsourcing includes service of consulting your company’s staff regarding the use of advertising materials developed at «BPM Cloud».

Cost of offer.

The exact web design outsource cost project is formed in a commercial proposal, after consultation with a «BPM Cloud» specialist. The answer is simple right now: it’s much cheaper in comparison with costs of staff on a regular job. Cost of design outsourcing service significantly depends on the required monthly list and amount of work. As a bonus, we will provide you unlimited number of design layouts, with required number of edits. As you can see, design outsourcing is full of benefits only.