Web development

Web development BPM Cloud studio, being leader in Minsk, offers the most complete set of services for website creation of any turnkey web projects. Since our team performs all development steps, result is fully functioning resource for business purposes. Incomparable experience and in-depth knowledge of specifics at website creation give us advantage of offering personalized know-how for web projects in any complexity. BPM Cloud knows everything about website development strikingly different from those competitors have. We are able to meet personal requirements, including project cost, with promise of further profitability.


BPM Cloud can surprise


Studio designs comfortable interface with modern and user-friendly design. BPM Cloud independently creates responsive layout using flexible and universal CMS. Our professionals program high-quality functionality for personalized purposes. In addition, BPM Cloud website creation studio makes up any possible web projects. Website creation and development clients can choose between business card site and corporate site and get turnkey project selling online store, unique blog or detailed portfolio, and landing page and a personal site that is like no other.


Let’s decide on purpose of certain web resources to make it easier to determine task for your own purposes for website development.


Online store usually contains a product catalog, site search engine, filters, shopping cart, registration form, contains methods of payment for services, integration with 1C system, when required. Such website includes CMS, product ratings, contains promotions, allows you to leave comments and reviews. Usually here users can get online chat, find out photo gallery, blog of business authors. Possible video integration, feedback forms, built-in SEO-optimization, access to analytics, hosting, there are Google Maps inserted.


Landing page usually represents slider, form of feedback from business authors. On page there is development of page selling script, there is info graphics, parallax-blocks are built in, there is video integration, and photo gallery is required. Reviews are possible on pages, integration with social networks also made, there is online chat with company representatives, there’s SEO optimization, there’s hosting, Google Map built in. In frames of website development BPM Cloud trains in using administrator panel.


Business card site, as a rule, contains slider, gallery for showing portfolio, feedback form, CMS, contains reviews, and Google map built in. Website has blog, connection with social networks, SEO-optimization and analytics systems built-in, there are hosting and website navigation maps. BPM Cloud provides training on using admin panel.


Corporate site presents with such functionality as CMS, slider, timer, photo gallery. We prepare video integration, CMS, insert slider, feedback forms and online calculator. Website contains catalog of company’s service, reviews page and blog, ability to leave comments. Integration with social networks is configured on website, site search built in, SEO optimization and analytics implemented, and there are hosting and sections of frequently asked questions.


Blog normally contains photo and video reviews, ratings of publications are built, photo galleries are also built in, there are CMS. Usually there are feedback and feedback forms, ability to leave comments. Blog has integration with social networks, it has internal blog search, as well as filters, SEO-optimization and analytics are arranged, there’s hosting. BPM Cloud provides training on using admin panel.


Customized project by BPM Cloud in terms of functionality is agreed strictly individually, and its list is included in Terms of Reference of our website development team. This can be unique web developments or integration of standard, advanced functions into website.


Benefits by BPM Cloud Web Development

  • BPM Cloud makes design and layout of websites, paying attention to adaptability. So web project is displayed correctly on any mobile device and personal computers. As result, using your site brings pleasure and convenience, and desired customers don’t leave you.
    • Our analysts know target audience on project. BPM Cloud works out pages scripts, so interface becomes especially convenient and understandable for any user. Requesting information or purchasing on website becomes pleasure for clients.
    • Specialists on web creation are concerned with speed of loading pages for websites on mobile devices and desktops. Users won’t leave website. Search engines won’t downgrade website because of slow performance.
    BPM Cloud company website development specialist integrates special features to increase customer confidence in website. This encourages customers to call or buy, send request, or become subscriber.
    • Internal and technical full resource optimization by BPM Cloud specialists by implementing analytics system. Website optimizes titles, images and metadata.
    • Web creation developers advise client on how to work in resource admin panel so that your company will manage website on its own.

Composition of project

  • Analysis and decision-making.
  • Market researches of competitors, survey of target audience. Implementation of work with reports following Terms of Reference.
  • Visualization.
  • Development of pages’ prototypes and their interface. Resource design with visualization of its elements.
  • Front-end.
  • Actual layout of website.
  • Programming.
  • CMS. Connecting required features and personalized solutions.
  • Work on content and its optimization.
  • Filling resource with texts, photos and videos. SEO page optimization, integration of analytical systems.
  • Launch after testing.
  • Full site audit and installation on hosting.
  • Consulting on issues of admin panel use, if required.


BPM Cloud partners emphasized value

All rights to BPM Cloud web development belong to customer. Web studio doesn’t transfer project data to third parties and guarantees data protection. Confidentiality at stage of project and after launch of site with trade secrets safety. After launch of project, BPM Cloud web developers train company representatives on how to work with admin panel. These can be ready-made instructions, face-to-face meetings, or online conferences. We are obsessed with website creation, helping to take your business to new heights. We will be proud to start your project immediately. It’s so simple to win with BPM Cloud company website development!