Wix Development

Wix development remains one of the most popular websites in the world. This American builder platform is recommended for creating corporate portals, one-page websites, business cards, for Wix app development and other projects. This popular BPM Cloud builder helps to create sites and applications on Wix as soon as possible, observing the highest technical parameters and quality of personalized design.

When is Wix development suitable?

  • If business budget is tight, but company needs high quality and uncomplicated site or application.
  • If BPM Cloud client wants or needs to manage owned site in person.
  • If client needs to develop simple site, such as business card website, personal site for company, landing page or one-page online store.
  • If there’s a need to expand scope of business presence on the Internet (for example, client already has groups in social networks, and now selling page is required).
  • If there’s a desire to test some business ideas without large financial investments.

Features of Wix development.

Wix development offers one of hundreds of pre-built templates that BPM Cloud can customize to meet customer requirements. Developers customize site structure; display necessary functions, forms, menus, which is done using visual interface. Wix has a huge number of beautiful templates for every taste for creating websites of any subject, from one-page websites for cafés, restaurants, boutiques to complex corporate websites for companies and businesses of any form. Wix development results in creation of complete websites or applications, with necessary functionality and unique design. Wix is ​​content management system, which is cloud platform, on its basis it’s possible to create and develop Internet projects. Wix development on business card sites, stores and corporate portals takes relatively little time at BPM Cloud. Connection of additional modules and complex functionality is available in the system for some additional payment at request and parameters of client.

Wix Editor gives design freedom.

Wix web development starts from A and offers over 500 design templates to choose from. However, most often BPM Cloud company develops highly personalized individual designs according to wishes of clients. Wix web development builder is capable of customizing every little detail to perfection. Wix sites can be easily brought to life by adding video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, animations, and any other modern eye-catching elements without sacrificing code design. Wix’s built-in editor makes it easy to Wix web development or great Wix app development.

 Wix developers’ Velo platform.

BPM Cloud digital agency creates highly professional serverless applications using only simple programming techniques. Company’s developers build databases and forms required by clients, fill Wix applications and sites with content, and also add necessary code in the built-in IDE or in personalized Wix development environment. All of this leads to connections to hundreds of APIs. BPM Cloud Wix developers have at their disposal enormous potential of Wix editor for modern design layout.

Wix ADI is extremely fast.

Wix ADI, as artificial intelligence for web design, based on customer responses allows BPM Cloud to very quickly assembling professional Wix web development from editable blocks with appropriate texts, images and design.

Features of Wix.

Web development Wix is that opportunity to become owner of high-quality and inexpensive resource, because CMS developers offer significantly loyal operating conditions for the engine. Web development Wix is possible using regular domain names, additional disk space and contextual advertising coupons.

Wix development for business.

In Wix web developmenent and Wix app development BPM Cloud highlights special features of Wix development.

  • Blog Module for design of news feed on website and administration. This module isn’t inferior to WordPress in terms of convenience and flexibility. Blog Module is recommended per use for maintaining small personal blogs with notes or for expanding thematic platforms with many categories and thousands of publications.
  • Store Module is designed for branded eCommerce. In terms of functionality, Wix Store Module is superior to almost any of those that are available in constructors with visual editors. Using Wix Module, BPM Cloud developers create full-fledged stores for 10 and 10,000 positions.
  • Ascend Wix-tools for business, whole complex of applications. Among applications, profile ones stand out for conducting marketing campaigns, statistics, communicating with customers, increasing sales, working with audience in social networks, search engine optimization, cost management and much more. Full-fledged personal account of businessmen with everything one needs to develop business on the Internet.

Benefits of Wix custom development.

  • High quality templates for finished designs.
  • Ease of module settings.
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Weighty selection of ready-made services.
  • Ability to supplement system with third-party developments.

Steps to launch Wix sites / apps.

  • Wix website development.
  • Wix app development.
  • Responsive site / app.
  • Installation on hosting.
  • Feedback form.
  • Selection of pictures or videos.
  • Filling content.
  • Admin panel.
  • Promotion of Wix-resource in major search engines.
  • Technical support.
  • Consulting customers.
  • Regular reporting.

Popularity of Wix custom development.

Number of orders for Wix web development at BPM Cloud is growing exponentially. Secrets of such popularity lie in 6 advantages:

  • Simplicity of admin panel.
  • Good technical support.
  • Quality hosting.
  • Ability to connect SSL certificate.
  • Ability to add HTML code to pages.
  • Significant number of responsive templates that work on mobile devices.

What BPM Cloud offers for Wix development?

  • Tuning in search engines.
  • Copywriting / rewriting services.
  • Website prototype / concept.
  • Exclusive design, not templates.
  • Creation of site logo / web sign.
  • Content, texts and pictures of sites.
  • Connecting any Wix widgets.
  • Wix mobile versions of created sites.
  • SEO-site optimization.
  • Installation of callback module.
  • Development of online stores.

Wix development is also beneficial because by ordering promotions with us, clients receive integrated approaches to the task at hand for Wix development. By optimally combining context and SEO, our company offers significant savings when listing Wix sites / apps in the Top. Start Wix business exclusively with BPM Cloud!