Yii Development

Yii framework per php development is based on MVC paradigm, and its main advantage while Yii development includes extremely high speed and performance. Yii remains under active development by community; it’s totally uncomplicated to study and to work with, which brings fasting Yii development producing. Yii is one of favorites at BPM Cloud Yii development company to create web and apps of any sort. Due to its main components, architecture and support of complex caching, Yii is recommended per development of large-scale projects, including CMS, forums, portals, ecommerce sites and apps, RESTful web services, etc.

Yii framework features.

  • Contains architectural pattern cooperating with MVC, so that helps to arrange code based on internal pattern.
  • Allows BPM Cloud Yii development company making code uncomplicated and attractive.
  • Full-stack Yii framework having lots of proven features ready to activate for use. Among them: RESTful API, tiered caching support, ActiveRecord per relational / NoSQL databases, query builder, etc.
  • Colossally extensible Yii framework allows developers to replace almost any code fragment to develop the necessary extensions.
  • Yii main focus lays in higher performance.
  • Yii contains flexible engine on basis of which projects of different types can be implemented. It’s faster to create template solutions on ready-made content management systems, however, for resources with non-standard functionality, it’s reasonable to use Yii development.
  • Creation of sites with increased requirements for information security. Attention of cybercriminals is riveted on CMS projects. Yii projects don’t have this drawback, because most solutions are implemented from scratch, and there are simply no typical vulnerabilities. At the same time, sites / applications are managed by qualified BPM Cloud web development company team, so information leakages risks are reduced to zero.

Decision in favor of Yii.

Yii wins because of strong core development team and significant community of Yii development professionals. Most significant, the best practices and features regularly go to be included in framework core, so they are in use for simple but modern interfaces. Yii quality platform leads in use not only for Yii web development or Yii rapid application development, but also for launching ordinary small sites. Main exploitation advantages lay in website fast functioning, individual admin panel, connection to various CMS, numerous plugins and packages available for use.

Versions of Yii framework.

  • Version 1.1 belongs to elder generation and this version is standing in maintenance mode. Version 2.0 is completely rewritten Yii, demonstrating its latest technologies / protocols implemented, such as Composer, PSR, namespaces, Traits, etc.
  • Version 2.0 represents current generation that receives major Yii development efforts during the next few expected years. Yii 2.0 needs PHP 5.4.0 or higher and detailed object-oriented programming knowledge, that we own at BPM Cloud Yii web development company.

Yii development benefits.

 Higher performance compared to other php frameworks.

  • Based on MVC paradigm.
  • DAO / ActiveRecord interfaces for working with PDO databases.
  • Internationalization support.
  • Caching entire page / individual fragments.
  • Performs error interception and handling.
  • Carries functionality of working with forms, provides their construction and validation.
  • Implemented authentication and authorization.
  • Convenient for implementing AJAX interfaces, integrates with jQuery.
  • Built-in generators of basic PHP code (CRUD operations).
  • Support for different themes.
  • Ability to connect third-party libraries.
  • Database migrations (apply / generate / rollback).
  • Ability to auto test, develop in TDD style.
  • REST style.
  • Yii web development has proven itself in projects with complex business logic.

Yii development services recommended.

This framework is recommended by BPM Cloud Yii development company per scalable Yii rapid application development and Yii web development, including information portals, e-commerce projects or even for developing web services / APIs. Yii web development can also be recommended when there’s need to implement non-standard functionality or specific functions, if these are impossible using existing CMS. In such cases, it’s faster and cheaper to develop required services from scratch without modifying already existing solutions.

Convenience for Yii web development.

  • Quite simple framework, it has low entry threshold.
  • Despite low threshold, this framework has higher power.
  • Web-based code generation tool Gii dramatically speeds Yii development.
  • A variety of ready-made widgets extend capabilities of Yii development services.
  • Unique and strictly object-oriented framework Yii is flexible enough at the same time.
  • Yii is one of the fastest PHP frameworks in permanent use.
  • Yii offers unit and functional testing capabilities. The second version has built-in debugger that completely monitors all requests and responses on local server, making it easier to find bugs.
  • DAO allows access to database through API, which allows developers to easily change DBMS.
  • Excellent documentation makes process of updating developer knowledge very fast.

Six steps of Yii development services.

Yii development services process is divided at BPM Cloud Yii framework development company into six stages:

  • Determination of tasks to be performed by required application or web resource.
  • Development of effective work strategy and resource design.
  • Writing the application program code, including creation of functionality, design, etc.
  • Optimization to increase speed of system components.
  • Auditing program code for errors that can lead to stability and security problems.
  • Demonstration of finished projects to BPM Cloud client, signing the acceptance certificate or adjusting site / application if it doesn’t fully comply with all requirements.

Why Yii development at BPM Cloud?

BPM Cloud Yii development company specialists with experience in both Yii web development and Yii application development create cross-browser adaptive layouts, receiving finished projects exactly on time. Our company has unique experience in creating web projects on this framework system and offers a full range of services for implementation of any complexity level projects, and many plugins and add-ons allow to significantly expand system resources both when creating and using websites or applications developed at BPM Cloud Yii framework development company.